Garden Visitors

Our Garden is a small private patch of grass and surrounding shrubbiness that is open to the shared wilderness between the backs of the tenement blocks. Buddleia, something coniferous, currant bushes, many potted things, 4 bird feeders and a jewel of a homemade birdtable, expertly constructed from the wooden seat of a chair and an upturned snedded christmas tree trunk, selected from the roadside collection after twelfth night. We make sporadic attempts to tidy it/garden/prettify/prune


It was considerably colder this time last year

Bird count

most seen at one time:

blackbird 7
bluetit 2
great tit 2
chaffinch 2
greenfinch 4
wood pigeon 2
unconfirmed coal tit, I’m reliably informed by my flatmates, whom I trust, that one turned up last week, but I don’t believe them. Confirmed Coal tit! 25/02/13
bullfinch!! 2

long tailed tit 3 …5 minutes after the coal tit

Waxwings 30+ 23/02/13 ! ! !

3 neighbouring cats- 1 B&W, 1 longhaired monster tabby


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