My own food bucket list, a combination of foods to try before you die/world’s tastiest and random things I have never eaten.

  1. Piccalilli -so yelllow, so intimidating, wasp of pickles
  2. Eggs benedict- bit of a disappointment
  3. Fried green tomatoes
  4. Golden soup
  5. Kangaroo
  6. Morel mushrooms and/or other interesting fungus, like Jew’s ear. I picked a couple once, but didn’t know what to do with them and they festered
  7. S’mores- not counting the guide-camp-equivalent made with digestives
  8. Goat
  9. Crab, lobster
  10. or in fact any sea food
  11. Street food
  12. Steamed pork buns
  13. Squirrel
  14. Tom yum
  15. Dim sum
  16. Massaman curry
  17. Pot noodle
  18. Pigeon
  19. Steak and kidney pudding/pie
  20. Oysters
  21. White pudding
  22. Chowder
  23. Salted lassi
  24. Tabasco sauce
  25. Root beer float
  26. Twinkie
  27. Deep fried mars bar
  28. Oxtail soup
  29. Whole insects
  30. Bloody mary
  31. Tinned ravioli
  32. Biltong
  33. Dirty gin martini
  34. Chicken tikka masala- it’s common enough, I’ve had it in sandwiches, as buffet food, but never as part of a takeaway or indian meal
  35. Eel
  36. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut
  37. Sea urchin
  38. Prickly pear
  39. Umeboshi
  40. Currywurst
  41. Durian -sold in the Chinese supermarkets with lots of other strangely intriguing items
  42. Frogs’ legs
  43. Snail
  44. Gjetost/brunost- particularly since watching the Hairy Bikers’ Norway episode
  45.  Roadkill
  46.  Hare
  47. Rum baba
  48. Parm-o
  49. Souffle
  50. Clafoutis
  51. Plum duff
  52. Marmalade
  53. Guinness
  54. Bagel and lox
  55. Lapsang souchong
  56. Oolong- my brother gave me a packet last birthday, it smells of smoke, I haven’t opened the packet or brewed it yet, let alone drunk a cup of it.
  57. Dandelion and herb robert salad
  58. Nettle soup
  59. Ground elder omelette
  60. Dock leaf dolmades
  61. Elder flower fritters- these last 4 are all ‘weeds’ we have growing everywhere in the garden, that are apparently edible, mostly ‘much like spinach’, except for the nettles we don’t have any of them!

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