The first food bucket item to cross off the list!

It’s intrigued me for years, since a family nature holiday at Malham Tarn.

I was about 11, evidence of foot and mouth was everywhere- car sized disinfectant mats at every gate, foot dips at every stile- and we were on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. Thankfully I don’t remember seeing any slaughter or burning of livestock.

It was a fantastic anyway; the week leader, a brilliant man called Noel Jackson, knew absolutely everything, and all of us children were utterly enthralled, bringing him every little discovery to identify. Watched a fungus turn blue as it came into contact with the air, We tried milkcap mushroom, saw a pipistrelle bat up close, ate yew berry flesh and baited small mammal traps with maltesers and bran flakes.

And that morning, following the recommendation of the instructor, I was making myself marmite, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, apparently the perfect explorer sandwich filling. And there it was. This monstrous jar of viscous fluorescent yellow glowing from the other side of the communal kitchen.

I didn’t go anywhere near it, but I vividly remember its presence. Which makes it sound almost sentient.


We’ve always had a jar of Branston pickle on the go at home. It lives in the jam and spread bit of  the cupboard (in between the breakfast cereals and the baked beans and tinned tomatoes). Various other chutneys and relishes come and go, Brinjal pickle has gained an almost equal standing- originally repulsed by us kids, now the obvious companion of cheese and houmous, but Piccalilli never put in an appearance.

Then last year our flat went vegan for lent. And we hosted some variously themed shared meals throughout the 40 days. For the Indian Banquet we made a vast extremely overly hot curry and rice and requested our friends bring chutneys etc.

And the A-team, our american friends, first years uneducated in many British things of which I should write more of when I have time…, brought a jar of Picalilli

which I found hilarious.

and it went to the back of the top cupboard of random communal things that have been there time unknown.

until I decided today was time to have an adventure and break the seal…


what an odd ramble, hmm tbcompleted


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